No email free serx

Posted by / 17-Feb-2020 13:38

No email free serx

You can compose new emails without getting distracted.

When you go away, set an auto-responder that says not just that you won’t be checking emails, but that you won’t read emails that accumulate while you’re away.

Maybe it’s time to consider whether something billed as a way to connect us to other people might actually be driving us apart.

Adapted by Louise Atkinson from How To Break Up With Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life by Catherine Price (Trapeze, £12.99). To order a copy for £10.39 (20 per cent discount) visit uk/books or call 08; p&p free on orders over £15.

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Within your email account, create a new ‘Needs Response’ folder to store messages that require action, so you can rapidly delete or move emails from your inbox to stop it seeming full.

The easiest way is to turn off the ‘fetch new data’ setting, to stop your phone checking email in the background.

If you have an i Phone, you can set up a ‘VIP’ list of people whose emails will still get through.

It lets you choose when you want to be shown new messages.

If you have a Gmail account and use the browser Chrome, the ‘Inbox When Ready’ extension ( hides your inbox unless you explicitly say you want to see it.

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Advanced tools are built right in including Social Media Sharing, Message Testing, Auto-Responders, Transactional emails, Surveys, and an API.