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Broadcast camm free adult

In very basic terms, a pregnancy is the same as foreign tissue growing inside a woman's body.

Normally, a person's immune system would reject any such foreign matter.

According to the National Pharmacy Association, men visit their GP four times a year compared to six times for women, visit a pharmacy four times a year compared to 18 — and are twice as likely to take medication without reading the label.

The study also found that nearly nine in ten men don't like to trouble medical professionals unless they have a 'serious problem'.

This mental strength gives them advantages in education and the workplace, too.

Women now account for around 60 per cent of the world's degree-holders, while according to a recent report by Mc Kinsey Research, companies led by women perform better and have more clout than those run by men.

But unlike men, women's immune systems have two gears: one that can attack the bug making her sick, and another that can nurture the new tissue of a growing foetus.

Dr Steve Austad, a leading authority on the science of ageing from the University of Alabama, says women are far more robust.'Pretty much at every age, women seem to survive better than men,' he explains.

But women have more connections going from left to right across the two halves of the brain, which gives them an advantage in pulling together information from different sources and drawing logical conclusions.

Women consistently outperform men in IQ tests and the highest IQ score ever was recorded by a woman: American author Marilyn vos Savant, who, in the Eighties, got a sky-high score of 228 (far outranking Albert Einstein, between 160 and 190).

The debate over the differences between male and female brains has raged for many years, but new research shows they're far more alike than we imagined — and women have the upper hand.

The hippocampus, the part of the brain associated with emotions and memory, is similar-sized in both sexes.

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It's no surprise that adult women's bodies have high levels of oestrogen and progesterone, the female sex hormones.

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